Every single person on this planet wonders at least some point in their life:

“How can I get successful in what I’m doing?”

We pursue better results in sports, working life, personal relationships, hobbies etc. Most of us want to improve our game and get better. Some opt for almost religious approach, where they don’t count the hours and the amount of sweat, blood and effort that they put in to their endeavor. For some that actually works, but it has its downside. Some go for a shortcut and overlook the effort. They’d rather cheat the system. And by doing that, they only cheat themselves. Unfortunately most people do nothing. They hope that their life will improve all of a sudden. As someone waved the magic wand and they’d become rich and famous overnight. You see these people filling out lottery tickets every week in their desperate attempt to escape the rat race. To become successful in anything, you only need to know one thing: It’s not about you!

Focusing on yourself creates only shit around you

This may sound harsh, but that’s reality. Please allow me to explain. Unfortunately we are all more or less focused on ourselves. We are the focal point in our own life. OK, most parents will do basically anything for their kids and some even place their own children’s well-being before their own. But mostly we just build everything around ourselves. This approach has normally only one outcome: Things go bad. Think about that for a second. If all your actions and reactions are centered around yourself, whether that is something that people say to you, do to you, react to your actions, your life is filled with your own thoughts and how you perceive different things. And at the end of the day, nobody cares. If you only talk about yourself, people get annoyed very fast. But if you focus on others, people like you, you build rapport and therefore trust and companionship. And that’s how you win people on your side. James Allen captivates this ideology in a brilliant way in his book called “From Poverty to Power“. Life changing stuff!

From Poverty to Power (by James Allen). One of the best guides to implement the thought "It's NOT about YOU!".
Feed your mind with high-quality literature. Because if you don’t, something will grow in your head for sure. And that’s weed.

Why setting goals is a doomed strategy?

That’s a really good question. I bet even majority of those with their head screwed tightly on their shoulders and who we could safely categorize as “high achievers”, fall into one very common pitfall. They set goals (which is not necessarily a bad idea, since way too many people lack any kind of vision or goal setting all-together) with only one mindset – they simply must achieve that goal, no matter what. With an approach of setting a goal and going for it with “all in” mentality, you miss a couple of very important points, which will prevent you from truly making a profound and sustainable change. Maybe I will cover them later on in detail, but let me just say this: Going fiercely after your goals is a strategy, which stems from selfish roots. Your whole focus is on yourself and you most likely step on other people. Clearly that’s not good in any case. So how on earth should we approach this subject? What you really want to do, is to achieve amazing things in your life in a sustainable way, respect others and still get the shit done. It’s not about you or your sacred goal. We can easily achieve our objectives, but the most obvious approach is not necessarily the right one. Yes, you may reach top results fast by being a selfish jerk (believe me, I know). But if you focus on others, help them and make sure that your heart genuinely leads your actions, you can be 100% sure that you A) get to wherever you’re going and B) you become a much better human along the way!

Share your wisdom

We must place our focus on serving others. I can assure you, it works. I am a walking testimony of this philosophy. See, I used to be a very red personality (if you’re unfamiliar with different colors and personalities, I urge you to investigate this subject). When my business fell from my head to heart, everything just clicked. All the pieces came together. But I challenge you even further. Even if you have a very noble cause, the best products or services in the world and you have found your utmost best approach, utilizing this knowledge only for yourself, will not lead to desired results. You must SHARE your wisdom and knowledge with others. Then they can make their own educated decision on how to proceed. Based on the facts you have shared with them. Give them an option. See, it’s not just about you and you finding the perfect solution to whatever. If you don’t share that wisdom with others, you’re selfish and self-centered approach equals a disaster. The worst outcome would be the one, where you know all the answers and you benefit from that knowledge, but you withhold that piece of information from others. Your learning and experience could mean a life changing opportunity to somebody else!


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