Slight Edge in action

It's staggering that only 5% of population are able to form their life as they really want it to be. The rest 95% struggle with mediocrity at best!

First moves and new blood

The first strike has been successful and my job is now to secure that new partners will fly high.


We're finally here! After months of planning, preparing, hauling stuff, selling stuff, recycling stuff, acquiring more stuff and packing stuff we are FINALLY in Los Angeles

Welcome to our tribe!

It’s summer of 2019 and me and my family are preparing our relocation from Finland to California. Yes, we’re actually packing our most essential belongings and getting ready to hop on the plane and start our new and very exciting life in Santa Monica, California.

Big change is coming

Not often do we get a chance to completely transform our lives. I have been fortunate enough to do that already at least four times in my life, if moving to another country is considered to be such event. So fasten your seat belts...

Why this blog?

This is a start of something totally new and which hopefully one fine day will be a full documentation on how a crazy Finn took American continent by storm.