Freedom is sacred

We must fight for our freedom and we all must participate this fight together. Join our tribe!

Difficult times, amazing opportunities

This must be undoubtedly The Defining Moment in human history, where we all breath and live the same issue at the same time.

Building a tribe

Building a successful tribe and hence business, takes time and it certainly takes a right kind of an approach to life itself. Happiness is not the outcome of great results.

Slight Edge in action

It's staggering that only 5% of population are able to form their life as they really want it to be. The rest 95% struggle with mediocrity at best!

First moves and new blood

The first strike has been successful and my job is now to secure that new partners will fly high.


We're finally here! After months of planning, preparing, hauling stuff, selling stuff, recycling stuff, acquiring more stuff and packing stuff we are FINALLY in Los Angeles