This is a start of something totally new! Hopefully one fine day this blog will be a full documentation on how a crazy Finn took American continent by storm. This is captain’s log of a journey, which has not yet officially started but will do so soon. It will hold a lot of evidence on hard work, failure, success, pain, more pain, more success, miracle stories, lives saved and transformed, desperation, inspiration, even more pain and work and then some…

Are you ready to witness one man’s mission to change the world? Bring hope to the city of angels, which apparently is full of desperation? People there really need what we have to offer.

That’s why this blog is launched. To document this insane journey!


Crazy Finn living in Santa Monica, CA, who's mission is to build a new tribe and together help hundreds of thousands of people globally overcome their health challenges plus set thousands of people financially free!

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