It is extremely difficult to even start writing this particular blog post, because my emotions and feelings are so mixed and interlaced at the moment. I am writing this post on my mobile phone at our summer cabin in Eastern Finland, while I smoke salmon outside in a gorgeous summer weather. There is only one word that can encapsulate even remotely my deepest feelings right now. And that is “freedom”. This sounds super weird coming from my mouth, since we’ve been living in the US for the past year. Freedom is not what we have experienced lately in California. And USA boasts even in her national anthem to be the land of the free and home of the brave. It is here in my home country where I FEEL in my every cell right now, that my soul is free! Freedom is sacred. It must be protected at any cost.

It goes without saying that this past spring and summer has been very, very challenging for the majority of people on this planet. Freedom of speech is the most important aspect we have in life. That’s why it is also the 1st Amendment in the US Constitution. Sometimes it may hurt to listen when other people are exercising their right to speak, but you have that right, too. Let the ideas compete with each other and let the best idea win. Now that is progress!

Pandemic hysteria

Yes, there is a virus out there, but it seems to act like a seasonal flu – many people get it but only a very small number of people actually die from it. So then why should healthy people isolate themselves from each other? Besides, the official figures (and I love numbers) do not seem to match. The countermeasures we’re witnessing now are not aligned with the global plans, designed and agreed by health specialists in the event like this. Lock-downs and destruction of economy was not the plan. We are witnessing a complete take over of personal freedom and ability to govern your own immunity.

An empty airplane, HEL to LAX in August 2020
Practically an empty airplane (boarding completed) on its way from HEL to LAX in Aug 2020

I do not like wearing a mask. I think it’s dehumanizing. We humans communicate more than we want to admit via our facial expressions. Now that luxury has been stripped from us. We’re being seriously impaired. Thus I believe it is very relevant and utmost important to challenge the official way of handling this global issue. That’s also how true science works. It is not based on censorship and muting the voices that contradict our own viewpoints.

My point is, our freedom is sacred and it is being taken away from us with an enormous pace, much faster as we’ve seen during the past 20 years. Once it’s gone, it’s game over. We will only get it back by seriously standing up and defending our right to speak out. And we need to make our stand now! Today. Without freedom, we are all slaves. Unfortunately we live in a heavily polarized societies right now and we seem to have lost our capability to communicate with each other. Like a good friend of mine said lately, people need to learn to speak with each other, not at each other.

There is always that silver lining

I always see the glass half full. I have no idea where this positive attitude stems from but that’s the way I have chosen to live my life with. It just makes sense to me. And so it is with this craziness we’re all witnessing right now. Things are super weird and we truly live in an upside down world. What used to be a universally accepted virtue a few years ago, seems to be the biggest sin you can ever imagine. And vice versa. If you think the same way I do, be assured, we are not alone. The media and big tech companies may make you think so, but we the sane people are still the vast majority. We must be. I believe we are.

So, even though things may look a bit bleak, we simply must stay positive and look forward. We must fight for our freedom and we all must participate this fight together. I strongly believe that things will get even more weird as we get closer to November, but then things will get sorted out one way or another. We should also reach out for each other politically and identify the common enemy. If you open your eyes wide open, you will notice that there is a common agenda, which only wants to divide us and fight over petty issues.

Join our tribe – be free and become prosperous

If we really wanted to end this nightmare and defeat COVID-19 or any other health challenge we face nowadays, we should look into the root cause. The main reason why human race is facing all these challenges, is our food. You don’t have to take my word for it. Please find Dr. Paul Clayton’s blog post on this alarming issue. Having chronic inflammation in your body further increases your risk to develop a major auto-immune disorder. You can avoid and prevent that not only easily, but also in an affordable way. We live in a sick and corrupted world, where our well-being is not in the interest of our leaders. We must take matters in our own hands and opt for more advanced choices. This includes our diet but also our financial freedom.

This is why I have chosen to work with the company, which promotes all these values and we simply share the good word. You can also change your life. Starting today! If this message resonates with you even remotely, then I urge you to contact me. We can then find out together, whether our huge mission could also be your ticket out of your current situation. Freedom is sacred – we must fight for it!