This must be undoubtedly The Defining Moment in human history, where we all breath and live the same issue at the same time. OK, there were two horrendous World Wars, which obviously touched all the people on this planet at the same time. Plus there has been some other defining moments like the first moon landing, assassination of JFK, 9/11 and few others, but this one is different. Thanks to modern communication tools and IT solutions, we are more connected than ever before. But whenever there has been difficult times in our history, also amazing opportunities have seen the light. That’s the beauty of human soul – it tends to seek, and find, that silver lining even in the darkest cloud.

Is it wrong to do business when so many people are suffering?

No. Absolutely not. There has been and there always will be some degree of suffering and misery in the world. We can’t escape that and we can’t deny that. What we can do, is to make sure that everyone of us focuses on good causes, helping others and supporting weaker ones. Let’s use our resources to the best of our abilities and make sure that whatever we do, it is for greater good. Not to pursue selfish ideas and dark agendas, but to genuinely go after the ultimate good! And by doing that, we can’t go wrong.

That’s why it is also very important to accumulate wealth. To make sure that first we help ourselves and place us in the position where we don’t have to worry about our finances. When we can be sure that our basic needs are taken care of, on auto-pilot, then we can concentrate on helping others and thus elevating the whole human kind to the level it deserves. Building business can be a tool to eliminate poverty. And it should be. I guess most people see successful business owners somehow bad and corrupted. How can anyone be successful if they didn’t screw everyone over on their way to the top? Yes, there are even diagnosed psychopaths at the very top in our society and that’s exactly how they got there. By being ruthless and absolutely bad people. They will get what they deserve. We the good people shouldn’t worry about that.

How can I function properly and in the right way amid all this chaos and uncertainty?

Well, the first thing is to make sure that your mental state is as stable as possible. Focus on your own thoughts. They are either positive or negative. To stay on the positive side, you need to read or listen good and productive material. If you don’t, something will surely grow in your head. So it’s important to supply constructive building blocks in your head. Positive thoughts create positive emotions. With positive emotions and feelings you get positive vibe in your action. Good action in turn normally generates good results, which takes us back to good thoughts. See, it’s a positive cycle and it can be managed by yourself. By taking responsibility of your own thoughts, and making sure that they are on the positive side, you set your whole life to be successful. I am not saying that this is some kind of a magical merry go round wheel on autopilot, but it’s an outline. A plan. An idea. It should take you on the command wheel in no time, where you realize that it is actually You, who controls your life.

From strategy to victory

Sure, there are numerous factors and unforeseen obstacles, which life throws against us. Many of them are so powerful that it is hard to do anything on the personal level than just to hold on and wish the ride will get easier soon. However, if you have a strategy, which focuses on maintaining your own head screwed tight on your shoulders and securing your ability to function in the middle of chaos, your chances of utilizing amazing opportunities are way above average. This is critical in these defining moments in human history. You have the power of turning challenges into opportunities. Imagine if this crazy period of time in human history would actually unlock your true potential and you were able to create something, that will become not only a great survival story, but a massive legacy!

What next?

If this idea resonates with you and/or you feel like you’re stuck with your life, current situation at your job or you want to achieve something much greater than you thought is even possible – or even leave that legacy behind you, please contact me directly and we can talk more in private.