Been living here more than three months now and Santa Monica already feels like home. I am amazed myself how easy it has been settling in, even though of course there has been some issues, which just take time to get used to. As a Scandinavian, the American lifestyle is quite easy to adapt to. The only thing that has not progressed as fast as I thought and wished for, is growing up my business and building our tribe. That has proven to be a bit more challenging than I thought initially.

Learning curve

All great results in life require a massive learning curve. My learning curve started a long time ago. Can’t even remember when I truly understood and adapted the importance of learning new skills every single day. For some unexplained reason, learning at least something new every day AND actually reflecting upon that idea every evening, has always been a driving force to myself. I honestly try to evaluate what I have learned every day. It doesn’t have to be much or somehow groundbreaking. All that matters is that I take something home every day and hopefully I’m able to implement my new learning in the near future. And thus become a better human being, raise my game and in turn contribute back to society. When I look at the past three months, I think I have learned a lot about building a tribe in a consistent way. Friendship must always come first. Business can then follow, if it is to follow at all.

Another amazing lesson has been reading good books every day. This may sound very lame at first and obvious, but please think about it! Do You read good books every day? At least 30 mins per day? It’s all about keeping your thoughts on the positive side and feeding your soul with constructive building blocks. If we fail to do so, what will grow in our minds? Weed. Nothing but negative and nonconstructive thoughts and beliefs. This is super-important. I have seen it first hand here now. Los Angeles is full of aggravation, desperation, competitiveness and tough attitude. To keep your mind on the positive side and see beyond all the anger, takes a lot of effort.

Secret of building a tribe

So my tribe building has not been as fast and efficient as I thought it would be. There’s another big learning I still must master – patience. As a red personality, it is sometimes pretty hard for me to accept things proceeding with slower pace. And here I think lies my biggest handicap. However, thanks to Zinzino’s amazing training program, inspiring books/apps and most importantly the remarkable leaders, I think I have found a piece of profound wisdom. Building a successful tribe and hence business, takes time and it certainly takes a right kind of an approach to life itself. Happiness is not the outcome of great results. Happiness must first be within us. And you must radiate that inner happiness, self esteem and big vision around you, before people take you seriously in a new environment and they notice you in a way that you want to be noticed.

One thing is for sure – our tribe will be established here, it will thrive and find its base in LA. It’s just a matter of time. It will not be huge tomorrow, maybe not even this year, but over time, it will make a big impact on tens of thousands of people. Who knows if the numbers will be even greater. That is my goal and my mission. And that means a lot of twists and turns along the journey, which is equally important alongside the results.


Crazy Finn living in Switzerland, who's mission is to build a new tribe and together help hundreds of thousands of people globally overcome their health challenges plus set thousands of people financially free!

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