It’s impossible to describe that feeling when you realize that your international move has finally come to an end! So yes, our humble earthly belongings arrived in time and pretty much in one piece. Followed by the semi-surprise visit by our daughter, Sara and her boyfriend. After 10 days of pure joy and reunification with the whole family, it’s time to roll up those sleeves and start doing what I came here to do. Building our tribe!

In direct sales business nothing happens over night. I had understood that already in the very early stages in my direct sales career, but to deepen my knowledge and understanding, I also finished a book titled “Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson recently. And boy, was that inspirational or what! There must be literally thousands of self development books and other literature available, but Slight Edge is the first one that nails it. I mean absolutely brilliant philosophy and concrete methods and tips on how to make slight edge work for you in a positive way. See, it works anyway with time – either for your benefit or for your failure. We can’t avoid that.

It’s staggering that only 5% of population are able to form their life as they really want it to be. The rest 95% struggle with mediocrity at best! If not even with survival. We all want of course to be successful in our lives, but why 95% of us fail to achieve our full potential. I believe in all the points and observations in that ingenious book, which I think should be compulsory reading to all elementary kids. I’m definitely going to make both my daughters read this masterpiece.

One action point I learned and WILL implement immediately is to do something everyday. That means in my line of business right now, that I will start contacting everyone I come across from now on. I will tell everyone about our ultimate products and the business offer. OK, with the latter, I will still be a bit selective, since I only want to work with the positive, hungry, determined and fun kind of people. This whole journey simply must be fun as we go on. Otherwise it’s going to be too hard and overwhelming.

Love and peace!


Crazy Finn living in Switzerland, who's mission is to build a new tribe and together help hundreds of thousands of people globally overcome their health challenges plus set thousands of people financially free!

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