Never thought it will take that long to get started here also in business wise. But what did surprise me was that the first partner and actually a great addition to our tribe was found within a week! And boy oh boy, am I glad to have this hungry man and his lovely wife as true team members.

Like I correctly anticipated, the business potential is beyond words here. No question about that. People are very health oriented in Santa Monica, this place has an amazing offer when it comes to organic food supply and restaurants and generally people look healthier than average Americans. The challenge seems to be in communication and breaking that first barrier – getting first locals, Americans to join our tribe. However, I am not worried one bit, because our new Finnish couple is well established here and they have quite frankly amazing connections. All the way to Hollywood, too!

So the first strike has been successful and my job is now to secure that new partners will fly high. This is truly very exciting! Tribe is growing now on the west coast and our health revolution is expanding.