We’re finally here! After months of planning, preparing, hauling stuff, selling stuff, recycling stuff, acquiring more stuff and packing stuff we are FINALLY in Los Angeles.

The feeling is simply unreal. Having been in this huge city a few times as a tourist cannot match the emotions I’m going through right now. This time it’s not just having fun and fulfilling your superficial needs – this time I’m here much longer and to make an everlasting impact on thousands of lives.

The first few days have confirmed my pre-arrival thoughts. Los Angeles is such a huge city with amazingly diverse population. Thus LA represents all walks of life – both in good as in bad. At the end of the day, we make our own destiny. We determine our own surroundings and the way life treats us. We must take responsibility of ourselves and our action. I have decided to embrace this amazing city with love and caring for my community and therefore I see a tremendous potential everywhere I look!

Today we found our new gym. And what an experience that was! The guy who gave us a tour around and talked us through the process was really inspirational. He comes from the roughest neighborhoods in LA (South Central), had has his share of tough childhood while living in a notorious parts of the city, but broke out of it all and has helped hundreds of kids to transform their lives later on. Just by being consistent and living his life according to his values and high standards. And the way he spoke to my daughter. Wow. Man, did I learn a lot today by just listening to my new friend.

So here we go. First business presentation also already in the bag. This is gonna be amazing! I have already fell in love with my new home.