It’s summer of 2019 and me and my family are preparing our relocation from Finland to California. Yes, we’re actually packing our most essential belongings and getting ready to hop on the plane and start our new and very exciting life in Santa Monica, California. We are a family of four Finnish citizens and have lived in various countries around the world. I think right now we’re entering the most amazing era of our lives – American culture (not alien to us at all), hard working attitude, opportunities and wonderful people are going to mark an incredible milestone not only in our lives, but also in so many other people’s life and whom we haven’t even met yet. Most of them we will never meet, but our new adventure will affect thousands of like minded people across the US. And around the globe!

It just makes sense to prepare for the future

It goes without saying that this summer is going down to history books as The Summer. This is when Kytosaho’s left their homeland and started to pursue their big dreams flat out. Life is very, very precious. One moment every thing is just fine and continuous sunshine. All is well, you are healthy, kids are growing in a safe and balanced environment. But as we all know, everything can change in a second. It can be anything. An accident. Unemployment. Unforeseen tragedy. Anything can happen and shatter that perfect world. That’s why it only makes sense to be prepared. It’s almost criminal not to action today when life is still at least semi-good. Or even better, make a decision to alter your future today and secure your family’s wellbeing even amid uncertain condition.

That’s why I’m establishing our new tribe. And the base will be in Los Angeles. Origins of this tribe will remain in Finland, and now we’re expanding rapidly to become a global tribe filled with positive, hungry, enthusiastic, full of life personalities, who don’t want to remain slaves. You want to achieve your full potential? Then what are you waiting for? I can show you how to do exactly that.

Wanna join our tribe? Click here to contact me and I will tell you more.

Life is NOW! It’s time for you to take your share.