Honestly, I really don’t know how to even start tackling this topic. Personal development is such a huge area and vast amount of books and other literature has been published around this most important theme. And why do I rave about personal development so much nowadays? I guess I have always had this built-in hunger for knowledge. It has always been somehow gratifying for me to learn new stuff and skills. Yes, I have always belonged to top 7% in pretty much all areas of my life. Whether it was lower levels of school, high school, college, army etc. I know, this sounds a bit arrogant and bullish, but that’s the way it is. But only very recently, I finally understood what personal development truly means. Why it is crucial and how we can and should utilize it in our everyday life. Because personal development is your #1 priority.

Why you should read at least 30 minutes every day

I sort of touched this same topic in my previous blog posting. I don’t want to repeat those points here, so please read the previous post. Instead, I just want to highlight the importance personal development. One of my mentors suggested a professional way to plan your upcoming year. Make a list of goals you want to achieve during a year. You know, the advanced way of making New Year’s resolution with 10 step process. I trust my mentor 100% and decided to follow his advise and boy did that change everything. One of the goals for me was to read at least ten books in 2021. And that’s exactly what I started to do. The first one happened to be “Becoming Supernatural” by Dr. Joe Dispenza. Oh. My. God. I felt like the gates of ultimate secrets had been opened for me and I have not looked back ever since! This is how mediation stepped into my life. I’ve always wanted to learn how to meditate but had never taken that first step. Which I now know is always the most difficult one.

I knew that the secret to every success is repetition. I just kept on reading, the minimum of 30 mins a day. Most days it was easy and some days I did not hit that mark. But I kept on pushing because I was told that in order to have a coherent and positive mind set, you simply must feed your mind with positive thoughts on daily basis. And so I kept reading and personal development was my #1 priority.

Road map to success

Personal development is your #1 priority because everything starts there. Everything you see around you in your life are direct consequences of your thinking. Your home, your clothes, your possessions, your personal relationships, your finances, your work life, your friends etc. Absolutely everything starts with your mind. Your mind and ability to think independently is your biggest and best asset. Unfortunately majority of people do not seem to realize this and they blame outside forces for their failures. Napoleon Hill describes this framework brilliantly in his “new” book “Outwitting The Devil” (disclaimer: that book is NOT for weak and closed minded). We live in such an absurd world today, where people are seriously messed up – in every imaginable way. Because they drift and don’t think independently. Imagine a society where only 30% of population would dedicate a considerable chunk of their productive time to true personal development and implement their new learning to daily practices. We would live in a paradise. Love, compassion, new inventions, communication, health and pretty much all that is good and positive would take such a jump start, because these people’s ripple effect would touch every fiber in our societies.

Old teachings truly understood for the first time

My habit of reading good literature at least 30 minutes a day turned out to be the best investment in my life. This new phase of personal development somehow seemed to get a total grip on me. More I read, more I seemed to absorb. And not only brand new ideas, but some timeless teachings all of a sudden became crystal clear. For example the concept of setting goals and targets in one’s life. I have heard it countless of times how important it is and exactly how I should plan and execute goal setting process. I have made many vision boards in my life (and most of the things in them have actually materialized!). Last year something unexplained took place. One of those 10 books I mentioned happened to be David Schwartz’s classic book “The Magic of Thinking BIG“. If you have not yet read this masterpiece, pick it up next. My thinking and approach to goal setting finally snapped into place. Everything made sense. Even all the previous teachings seemed to surface from somewhere deep in my subconscious mind and not only that – every single dot connected in a whole new way!

Challenge yourself!

When you truly decide and then commit that personal development is your #1 priority, I’m pretty sure your teach-ability index is already quite high. Which by the way is probably one of the most important indications that you are gonna go all the way to the top. If you are willing to put in the hours as well, of course. Sometimes our egos step in and even though we have identified our shortcomings and areas of much needed improvement, we tend to linger in our comfort zone. I would love to believe that all the people who understand the importance of personal development and are actually willing to make compromises in their lives to dedicate time for this noble quest, have an open mind and are educated. But education is not the same as wisdom. Many so called educated individuals with academic ranks and who are widely accepted as civilized, sophisticated scholars, lack true openness to new ideas. Challenge yourself! Step out of your own paradigm and acknowledge that we all live inside our bubbles and perceive the world from our personal sphere of influence. This is ever more obvious in this crazy world today.

Personal development is your #1 priority

I hope you got my point by now. This blog and medium is obviously too limited so that we could go deeper here. Maybe I will write a book later and try to share my thoughts in an organized way. My final point is that first you must understand the importance of personal development. If you want to change your outside world, you must first change your inner world. Your mind. And you train and develop your mind by challenging yourself. Step outside of your comfort zone, because all the learning happens outside your comfort zone. Yes, learning hurts and it may be even a bit scary to realize that the world doesn’t actually function as you thought. Or you had been deliberately misguided and made to believe that things are a certain way. But that’s another topic and we could go down to that rabbit hole some other time. All through history, great thinkers (and therefore great influencers) have mastered the art of personal development and they have made it their #1 priority. Are you willing to change Your world?

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