We live in a crazy world. And I mean crazy. Year 2020 will go down to history books as one of the pivotal and most important landmarks in the human history. We have witnessed absolute craziness when it comes to wonders of nature and biology and also when science, common sense and all decency went out with the bath water. However, I refuse to be the guy who adds fuel to the mayhem and I therefore refrain from sharing my personal opinions on controversial subjects here. If there is anything I have learned during this crazy year, it’s this: Focus on your own game!

Is someone else on Your driving seat?

I honestly think it’s amusing when almost everyone focuses on a biological phenomenon. Or who’s gonna be the next man in the most powerful seat on the planet. Yes, both issues most likely do have implications on your life, too, but let’s be realistic. Mathematically you have a better chance to win the jackpot in the Finnish lottery than die from this virus. Making sure your immune system works optimally is probably the best life insurance at the moment. So, the biggest impact on your life lies in your own hands. Stop for awhile, close your eyes and take deep breath. Absolutely everything around you is the result of your very own thoughts. Your home, clothes, decor, pets, family, relationships, career, car, memories, health etc. See, everything in your current life is a direct result of your own previous decision. Moreover, if you don’t focus on your own game, you will be like a driftwood in the huge river called Life Determined by Someone Else.

Personal development

I can’t emphasize enough how incredibly important it is to make sure that you feed your head with the right content. Every single day. By reading good books 30 minutes a day, you do yourself a huge favor! Everything starts with your own mind. If you start reading tomorrow, you won’t see a big difference immediately. Over time, the difference between you and the person, who chooses Netflix every night, is very noticeable. I covered this Slight Edge philosophy already in my earlier blog posting. If you haven’t done so, yet, please read it now! It’s never too late to understand this very important point and start making decisions, which actually increase the quality of your life.

Take responsibility of your own life

The reality is that you and only you will determine the outcome of your life and your own future. Not the politics, regulations or anyone else. Are there injustices in the world? Yes. Is the world unfair? Absolutely. But why would you carry all the burden on your shoulders? Where you are today may not be your fault, but where you take your life from here, will be. Only you will determine the trajectory of your life. That’s why it just makes sense to surround yourself with good people, avoid the unnecessary drama and focus on your own game, so that you can first change yourself. Only then you can change the world around you.

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