Have you ever wondered why some people are super successful and everything they touch, seem to turn into gold? At the same time most people just don’t seem to get that desired traction in their lives. Why is it that 95% of all people can’t change their lives? This may sound harsh, but it’s just the way it is. It may sound like they’d love to change their lives but no matter what they do, things remain the same. Why? I believe there is a lot of wisdom behind the mantra “it all starts with you”.

The power of human mind

Human mind is the most powerful thing there is. Forget about nuclear weapons, space rockets and all the marvelous technological advancements. Every single human invention has started the same way. Some wise dude thought about something and everything started to fall in place. Everything. This goes beyond material world. Think of even different -isms. Political movements, religions, revolutionary ideas etc. After all, they were all just an idea in someone’s head first! This is so mind boggling that you really need to stop and think about it for awhile. So it all starts with you and with your thoughts.

When I started to seriously evaluate my own situation in January 2021, I pretty soon stumbled across with Joe Dispenza and his work. I cannot thank him enough for the amazing work he has done over the years. The real stories with real human beings in his books give me goose bumps. For example, a lady developed massive health problems, including paralysis and even tumors, just by being mentally stuck to her past experiences, but was later able to fully recover from all her challenges. Doctors were obviously unable to help her and they actually made her condition much worse by prescribing all the pills for her. Nevertheless, this story had a good ending and Anna healed herself. By meditation! One day, amid all her numerous challenges, she understood that she had caused her condition by her thoughts. Then she took responsibility for herself and started her long journey back to normal life.

Getting started is the biggest hurdle in everything

After all the thinking and bright ideas and mind blowing visions, we need to get those ideas to see the daylight. What’s the point otherwise? And this is the area where most people stumble. They never get anything meaningful done. Believe me, I speak from the experience. We get these crazy good ideas and we’re ready to conquer the world, but somehow everything sort of fades away in a couple weeks, if not in days. Then we’re stuck with our old routines and challenges again.

How do we get started properly? How do we get the things we believe in out to the markets? I strongly believe in taking personal responsibility. You must understand that nobody else cares. It is YOU, who have to make the difference. It all starts with you. You must make that fundamental decision to change things (providing that you want a change in a first place). We’re not talking about some wishful thinking or empty new year’s resolutions. We’re talking about life changing, strong, determined, mature and real decisions to stop f***ing around, getting up from our asses and doing The Change. Walk the talk.

It all starts with you!

How I did it

For the first time ever in my life, I actually did reflect my the previous year and all the ups and downs. Then I made concrete, real attainable goals and strategies for this year. Of course I had heard all about this super important process before, but for some reason I never did it. Apparently everything in life happens for a reason. And it was my time to take that next major leap forward and step into the great unknown. And boy, what a ride it has been ever since. First the process cemented my vague ideas into an executable battle plan. Secondly, it was easy to come up with the actual, concrete tools to start working on the plan on daily basis. And the results are now tangible. My calendar is getting booked like never before and in our business we have the most simple formula: Lot of meetings = big business, few meetings = small business.

Probably the most mind blowing revelation or epiphany for me has been the realization of how this all came together. I have attended many training sessions, read a lot of books about personal development, growth, even spiritual awakening and also tried to gain knowledge on pretty much everything I’ve done and participated. So I believe all the pieces were there already. I knew them. Finally something just snapped inside my head and I was able to put everything together (well, at least some of the stuff) and I realized what I had been missing. Sure enough, it was the system. Just a little bit of old fashioned organizational skills and a couple of new tools (practically a piece of paper and a pen) and that’s it. My MIND did all that.

Next steps

I would be a fool, if I claimed that now I have figured everything out. But I guess I have finally understood the fundamental difference between a man who gets stuff done and a mediocre person, who struggles with most of his/her life. The world needs entrepreneurs and they have that magical drive when they pursue their dreams. They take responsibility for issues they shouldn’t even pay attention to. They come up with solutions. You just have to take that first step and go after your craziest dreams. And that’s how we change the world together. From now on, I want to become more and more like a true entrepreneur. I must take more responsibility for things that are not even my fault. I also believe that our future is an open book with blank pages. We can all make it look like exactly the way we want. It all starts with you and you must act first!

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